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High quality products

Our product lines are diverse and supported by the best brands, offering high quality and low prices. WE COMMIT TO OFFERING YOU: Flexibility, Speed ​​in delivery and Security. Online payment is 100% secure. Attention: Customer service and after-sales service. The best price approximately 10-20% lower than the market average.

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All styles and genres for fashion.


Ladies Collection 

Visit our women's department and discover a wide assortment of items that will become your favorites.


Children's collection

Visit our children's department and discover everything new we bring each season.


Men's collection

Gentlemen will find a whole world of variety, quality and comfort.


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Our food baskets

From five thousand pesos to 40 thousand Dominican pesos, baskets specially designed so that Dominicans residing anywhere in the world can buy and order delivery in any of the 32 provinces of the country.

We also have appliances

The best brands in the world and all the guarantees and security. The restrictions that apply are explained in each product as they are available for specific cities.

Computing team

Computers and a wide range of technological items are available in our store. Likewise, the restrictions that apply are explained in each product.

Our quality is maximum.

Everything comes faster

Our system is designed so that food items, especially basic baskets, reach the user in record time.

Pay for your basket anywhere in the world and enjoy seeing how quickly it reaches its users in the DR.

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You will always find high quality products here

Our basic baskets of food products are the fastest way to shop.

Fast and free delivery

Your order will arrive in your hands in record time

Money back guarantee

We return the money in 30 days

24/7 customer support

24/7 friendly customer support

Secure online payment with Paypal

We process with SSL certificates

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